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Come visit Harp Custom Pistols on our youtube channel and watch custom 1911 pistols being built and pistolsmith work

Come visit Harp Custom Pistols on our youtube channel. See gunsmithing videos and custom building 1911 pistols and machining handguns into works of art..

Harp Custom
Custom 1911 pistols

Harp Custom Pistols is dedicated to building superior custom 1911 pistols, handguns one at a time, precision and reliability foremost.

Custom 1911 Pistol Barrel Fitting Custom 1911 Frame and Slide Fitting Custom 1911 Precise Measuring for a tight frame to slide fit Custom 1911 Pistol Front Strap Machine Checkering 20LPI
Harp Custom 1911 Pistol 5 inch Government Model Blued Steel Caspian Frame and Slide Caspian Build 1911 Pistol 5 inch Government Model Polished Blued Steel Complete Custom 1911 Professional Grade Fit and Finish Combined With Rugged Reliability Custom flat top slide serrations along with many other custom 1911 features

I build precision custom 1911 pistols one at a time using modern machinery and tools. I specialize in custom 5"1911 Government model style pistols in .45acp and 3.5" Officer model, 4" 1911 and custom 4.25" Commander.

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Custom 1911 pistols fact:
When built properly a custom 1911 .45 pistol is one of the safest handguns in the world with two well designed safeties. The thumb-safety blocks the sear from moving and the grip safety blocks the trigger bow from moving.


Custom 1911

Information on Harp Custom 1911 pistols and how I build my custom 1911 pistols.

Custom 1911
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Customize your 1911 pistol with many options or choose a signature build.

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Custom 1911

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Custom 1911

Come view some 1911 pistolsmith work, procedures, set up and how I machine custom pistols.

Custom 1911

Price breakdown for 1911 pistolsmith services including fully custom pistols.

Custom 1911

Learn about what parts I use and different parts that are offered for your custom work.

Custom 1911

I provice complete 1911 gunsmithing services such as machine work, trigger jobs, sight installations, ect..

Custom 1911

Custom Pistols that feature custom 1911 pistols being built on video on harpcustom pistols youtube channel
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