Harp Custom 1911 Pistols; Cutting Hammer Hooks on a Milling Machine, stoning a 1911 sear and trigger job.

Harp Custom
We are custom 1911 Pistols

I build precision custom 1911 pistols one at a time using modern machinery and tools. I specialize in custom 5"1911 Government model style pistols in .45acp and 3.5" Officer model, 4" 1911 and custom 4.25" Commander.

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Harp Custom Pistols Warranty

by Troy Harp

I feel strongly about using tool steel or barstock hardend parts for everything possible to ensure the longest life possible with my pistols.

Simply put I will build you a pistol that will be as reliable as any and as accurate as can be.

Defending ones self, or his/her family is a critical fact that I don't take lightly. It is as serious as it can be and the precision machining and fitting ensures repeatable success from pistol to pistol. Each pistol will already have 100 rounds test fired through it before it leave my shop to you. How many other pistolsmiths fire 100 test rounds.

Simply put, I am too busy to perform anything other than exceptional work since I don't want to have the pistol coming back to me for repairs. I do it right the first time...

Harp Custom Pistols
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The warranty...

- For a period of 7 years I will warranty the entire gun against breakage or part malfunction against normal intended use to the original owner.

- Using the firearm a lot or little is not mistreating.


What voids the warranty...

- A person tuning, adjusting or modifying anything to the pistol besides Harp Custom.

- Mistreating the firearm. An example of abuse would be running it over with a vehicle or throwing it on the driveway or something other than what the pistol is designed to do..

- Using the firearm a lot or little is not mistreating.

- Firing hot reloads or loads that are beyond SAAMI specifications.